Supporting small & gown ups on their inner path towards perfect body, mind and spirit balance


Are you ?

Stressed and anxious too often and look for support?
Disconnected with your life purpose, with your true being?
Or are you a loving parent who desires his child to grow up with confidence & courage?

I am here for you!

The Kids & Teens
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Having fun while discovering your body, your emotions and your potential

The Grown-Up
Zen for Monday
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Ayurvedic Lifestyle teachings and gentle yoga flow every Sunday

The Grown-Up
Yoga Break
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Relaxing, recharging and taking care of body, mind and spirit every Wednesday

Family Yoga
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Having fun with your children and share the love while treating yourselves

Perfect Health
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Deep lifestyle transformational program inspired by the Ayurvedic Science

Just you and me
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Personalized coaching program to make your dream come true

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❤ Zen for Monday
Lifestyle teaching and gentle Hatha Yoga practices

Location: Prathiba, Grottes
✔ 9:30 - 11:00 in French
✔ 11:30 - 13:00 in English



❤ Yoga Break
Gentle Hatha Yoga practice
Location: Shanti Club, Grottes
✔ 10:00 - 11:15


❤ Yoga & Fun
Location: Shanti Club, Grottes
✔ for 6-11 years old: 14:00 - 15:15
✔ for 12-16 years old: 15:45 - 17:00

Every month

Family classes are available monthly. View schedule on the events page

Twice a year

Perfect Health classes are available twice a year. View schedule on the events page

On demand

Personal coaching available on demand, at your place

Start your well-being journey today !

Download my FREE well-being assessment and identify which areas of your life are actually out of balance ! Awareness is the first step towards change !

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I am Simone Kaufmann and my dream is that every person on this planet finds its true life purpose to manifest its fullest beauty to the world!

I have been there! A place where I was stressed out, day in day out, by all my to do’s, lacking time, lacking energy but above all lacking a sense of purpose. I dismissed myself, my desires, my needs, my health!

Life Coaching, Yoga and Ayurveda invited themselves into my life and ended up becoming my life!

So here I am, coaching big and small human beings individually or in group set-ups! My know- how is inspired by the beautiful and so rich sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda spiced up with my own life experience.

I have so much to give. Take it!

Check-out my programs and follow-me on social media on Every Body&Co to get inspired!

How to get started

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Just you & me

Tune in and walk with confidence towards your true self

Discover your personalized coaching program allowing you find your true Life Purpose and manifest it in the world.

Read more >>>

simone kaufmann every body and co coaching grownups workshop

You & them

Tune in and journey towards yourself with others

Discover your workshops to unleash your life force and journey towards your Life Purpose with in harmony and with confidence.

Read more >>>

simone kaufmann every body and co coaching kids yoga workshop

Your kids &teens

Tune in and grow up with confidence, courage and self-love

Discover the weekly kids Yoga & Fun workshops and the thematic workshops , for you and them, for shared magical moments.

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simone kaufmann coaching yoga

My philosophy

You are perfect the way you are … self-acceptance
You have all the jewels in you … self-confidence
You are a piece of nature … self-care
You are your best friend … self-love

Recognize deeply the truth in these statements and realize that all it takes is yourself!
I am here to support your personal journey towards health, fulfillment and inner peace!

See what my clients say...



"Simone’s introduction to yoga course was excellent and quickly became the highlight of my week. She beautifully combined demonstrating the postures with deeper explanations of the yogic philosophy and her personal journey as inspiration. Her passion for the yogic lifestyle was clearly evident as she integrated teachings about areas like nutrition, mindfulness and breathing.  Simone’s teaching style is compassionate and encouraging,  paying close attention to each student to adjust a posture or offer alternatives where needed. The course has given me the confidence to practice the postures on my own but has also inspired a broader view of wellness that I’m incorporating into my life now."




"Simone is a wonderful coach. Her generosity is remarkable. She is naturally perceptive. She listens without judgment and offers guidance without being prescriptive. She has a natural sense of empathy and genuine passion for helping others. Working with Simone has changed my life for the better."



"I felt the benefits of the session first inside me but than also in my everyday life. My body and my mind reconnected session after session. My internal fire has calmed down. Simone’s voice soothes you and accompanies you… way beyond the sessions."

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