Hey Ho! Today is my birthday, so happy birthday to me 

<3 On this day, November 22 in 1973, you gave me life, Mom. A life so intense, so rich, sometimes so difficult and yet so beautiful!

Thank you, Mom, thank you for always wanting the best for me and thank you for always doing your best. God knows that it was not easy. Dad, you were not very present, but to you too I thank you for giving me life. I know you did the best you could with what you had. I love you both with all my heart!

It seems that we choose our parents as to be able to experiment on what we have to do, so that we can overcome our blockages and “pay” our karma out, so we can evolve our souls.

Before I blamed you for it, Mom and Dad. I did so because I felt that I had lacked of this, and that, and again this and that … Before, I dreamed about what my life could have been if my childhood had been a little smoother, a little more stable, a little more fluid. Before, I labelled all the worries and difficulties that I encountered on my way as a lack of this or that. But now I am different.

The philosophy of yoga allowed me to see things in a different way. Now I understand that I chose this lice, I chose my parents. I understood that their limitations mirrored those of my soul and that growing up in this constellation was conducive to the experiences I had and still have to go through in this life.

Since then I have stopped making my brain hurt over the past. I look at my life, my difficulties, my fears with responsibility. I understood then that every experience, good or bad, is entirely a part of my path. I understood that everything I live through is a lesson and an opportunity to learn, to grow, to evolve.

I like my path. If my childhood had been a long, calm river-flow I would not have become who I am today, and above all I would never be the one I am going to become. And yes, I have great ambitions for myself – that of being happy day after day despite the vagaries of life, to always keep myself centered, to radiate from within, to be at peace and especially to share this beautiful journey with all those who want to walk alongside me!

Today, I have not yet reached my goal and that is for the better because my life is not over, but I am becoming more and more serene as the days go by and all that thanks to the magnificent teachings that life has given me.

Yoga and mediation have been the greatest discoveries of my life, but not only. I have dear friends who are always there for me, some are like guides, others like soul-sisters, and such that are balls of energy who make me move forward. And to all of them I give my thanks for being in my life and always staying authentic and faithful. I love you with all my heart!

My life is one of my own choosing. I have beautiful children, a nice ex-husband, a good career to help people live more fluidly, be richer and more serene, as I came in first in business and then became a life coach, and lastly – a yoga teacher. What more do I ask for from life? I wish to evolve towards the best version of myself and to accompany people, big and small, on their way to the best version of themselves, as that is what true happiness means to me!

Thank you all for being in my life, whether I already know you or not quite yet, I love you!

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