Let your beauty bloom in the world

Nature in springtime is magical. Wherever you look life is arising, seeds, germs, sprouts, buds are blooming to life. Nature simply knows, “naturally” knows when to awaken, what to become and how to become it.

We, humans, are an inseparable part of nature governed by the exact same laws. Nature is pushing life through us as well. Do you feel this little sprout inside yourself which is trying to call your attention? 

Unfortunately, we have forgotten to listen, we fail to understand its message, we are too busy running after our beautifully crafted lives. 

From the moment we wake up in the morning till the moment we go to bed, we are “busy”; busy preparing for work, busy driving, busy working, busy eating, busy working out, busy checking our social media feeds, busy taking care of the kids, busy preparing dinner, busy discussing with friends, busy planning for tomorrow, busy relaxing with a movie, to finally being busy sleeping. We are always busy with the outside world as if there wouldn’t be life inside us. 

Mother nature is expressing itself through our spirit. We use our body to move, our brain to think, our heart to feel, but what do we do with our spirit? 

Every now and then our spirit, our true nature, is talking to us but oh god what it is saying is scary! For many of us, just listening to it is too much already and our limiting beliefs, our fears, come rescue us with these old and big words like “stop dreaming”, “that’s life”, “who do think you are”, “you have a family to take care of”, “think of your mortgage”, and and and.  And here we are again, the little voice which wanted to be heard gets smashed down and we go back to the four walls of our lives, our cage, whether golden or not. 

By now I think you have realized that this little sprout will come back again and again because nature never gives up. Now it is up to you to decide when you will finally stop, listen and bloom your beauty in this world. 

I would like to share in short the story of my little sprout and how I allowed it to grow.

“My little voice has been trying to speak to me for years, it expressed itself through dissatisfaction, about myself, my work, my partner, my life, and and and.

Finally, 3 years ago, I stopped and started to give it attention. It was a little sprout deep in my heart, its voice was sweet and its message was loving. It wanted to become a flower, it wanted to grow, flourish, break free. At start, she, my little flower, was very small, very shy and very scared. I nourished it with daily attention, gave her whatever she was asking for. Of course, the big old hairy voices in me, the ones that had been at the command of my life for years, became virulent and injected their poison wherever they could. But the little beauty, which started to flourish in me, knew how to resist, she knew how I could let her grow, and “naturally” brought yoga and meditation into my life. Then she drove me into coaching where I not only learned a beautiful profession but learned techniques to tame these old big hairy voices realizing they were not serving me anymore. As my flower grows and gains a bigger voice, the oldies shrink and become more insignificant day after day. Today my flower has grown bigger and is flourishing beautifully. My attention to her has become constant, she has become me, I have become her. I give myself infinite attention because this is the only way I can give back which is the ultimate goal of life.”

So the moral of this story is that if you listen to your inner voice and give it its attention, life will “naturally” guide you towards the right experiences, towards the right evolution, giving you the right resources, allowing your inner nature to beautifully unfold and bloom its magic in the world. 

Don’t you want to live the life of your choice? 

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