Some days are more difficult … Those who have been following me for some time would know that I usually spread happy messages through my articles and write about events that represent my personal and professional success. The reason for that is very simple – I wish to inspire people into creating more healthy and peaceful lives, especially through yoga and coaching, ideally with me at their side 😉

Today I may disappoint some of you, but perhaps reassure others in that my life is not a long and calm ebb and flow.

I have my times of doubts, fears, laziness but also frustrations and anger. Sometimes the ambient gloom and cool temperatures like todays’ plague me. I usually do not want to do anything other than lounge in bed for as long as possible, not doing anything. On these days I too tend to sour up.

These days are also part of our life. We must accept them and try not to flee or curse them, as they are there for us, they are there to move us forward, help us evolve.

On the path of personal development, the path that we are all invited to take one day or another, life can make us switch into a conscious path of being and present us with challenges. This is when we realize that life serves us the same ‘sauce’ consistently all the time and we begin to wonder why that is.

I will not describe my sauce, what taste, what color, what smell it has, but life has served me it again in recent weeks.

In such a case, I would say: “Really, this sauce again? I thought I digested it a long time ago by analyzing all the ingredients, their origins and their messages.”

But now, she is back everybody! The positive part I discovered today is that I know the taste, I know the origin, and most of all, I understand the sauce’s message. So I welcome it, I listen to it, I let it immerse me, I meditate on it, I do yoga to keep my focus and regain my strength.

Sometimes I manage it all on my own like a grown woman. My soul, my emotions, my mind, my body speak to me and tell me what it is right to do and how to digest this new layer of sauce. Other times I manage to help curdle the sauce by coming across an article, the passage of a book, being in a meeting, or a situation that “by chance” has something to do with it. Now I know that chance does not exist, so I know what I have to do to understand it.

Other times I have to call for help. I am trusting my instincts and they lead me in the right direction. I have become an expert in my personal development because I already have a great career as an apprentice of life behind me. I have friends, I have a coach, I have a therapist. Sometimes the person I contact at a given moment sends me off to another person, but I always find the right one for me at a moment of need for curdling this specific layer of the sauce.

So I thank life, I thank God, I thank my guides. It seems that we all have such who help us. I do not know why and I do not know how, but the idea of it I like, it reassures me, so I say thank you.

Today I needed my coach. We talked, he helped me ask the right questions and find the right solutions within myself. It seems that we have everything we need inside us, and that I too can experience it, since I realized that happiness is inside me and not on the outside. Besides, it’s already been a while now that I’ve not been looking for happiness outside of myself. And you know what? Ever since then I find it much more often and it is much more authentic and truthful.

End of story. Today, my article is not here to encourage you to live more serene lives because my energy was simply not there. It was entangled in a gray and sticky sauce that I will now clean up with gratitude and determination through my love for myself and love for life.

With love.

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