From dreams to reality – my story of leaving my corporate life and engaging in a life-changing adventure

The reality, our reality, is sometimes so fascinating that we do not even have a moment to stop, to look and to listen at ourselves, to feel or to dream. Because we are always in a doing mode, we forget to just be, we end up no longer hearing, nor seeing, nor dreaming. Our reality ended up stifling our dreams.

The alarm rings, and I jump out of bed to start another day, similarly to yesterday, the day before yesterday and the day before the day before yesterday. Like a robot, I spent my days fulfilling the tasks of the life I had built up over the years – taking care of my job, my children, my house, my family, my friends, my hobbies … I realized that I was always in the process of doing something. One day, I gifted myself something beautiful, I allowed myself to stop. To learn how I started being and dreaming again, read my article here: “The first step towards my new life”.

At first my dream was just an emotion, serene, joyous, alive. This emotion appeared in the morning during my meditations and it followed me throughout my days which over time became more pleasant, more intense, richer in exchanges and experiences. In a very subtle but determined way, this dreamy emotion grew further to develop into thoughts.

I knew that being an HR manager in a large corporation was not enough for my soul anymore. I felt more and more disconnected from my professional environment. All this energy, all this money invested, all these people under stress every day to improve a shampoo which, let’s face it, already washes our hair perfectly, to sell more bottles to more people, in more countries. This forever-yearning-for-more did not make sense to me anymore.

I wanted to help people, I mean to really help them, not just in them having a more successful career, but to accompany them through to fuller, truer lives.

I decided to become a coach. I enrolled in a professional coaching course and then began a wonderful adventure that would take me to my personal fulfillment, to my true goal, to my dream that was soon to become reality.

My coaching training did not only allow me to learn the ins and outs of a fascinating job that enabled me to achieve professional realisation, but it was also an incredible accelerator for my own personal development.

And yes, when we learn to coach people, we are also coached and people who have already had a coach, a real coach I mean, understand what I want to describe here. To get out of these personal patterns of limiting beliefs and fears, to dare to dream and to be accompanied in a benevolent way and without judgment on the way to oneself, that is what coaching is.

From my second coaching training module on, I knew that I had to quit my job and change my life. I waited until the end of my training before putting everything behind and I ended up leaving my stable job and really good pay for the unknown.

Yoga and meditation never left me on this journey. They kept being with me all along and I started feeling more and more attracted to the beautiful philosophy of yoga, so much so that I decided to study it. I was expecting for this training to allow me to anchor my yoga practice more deeply, but what I found exceeded my expectations, so I referred to it no more as a philosophy but as the science of yoga.

And as Albert Einstein says, “Once you stop learning you start dying”. So I began a training in Ayurveda, which is the medical branch of yoga that offers rich teachings of over 5000 year-old experiences that are about living a life in perfect health.

And so I arrive here, at the end of my transformational journey. This is how I went from a dreamless reality through to a dream-filled one.

If my story speaks to you and you too feel the desire to dream again, I am here to accompany you through and through and help shape your reality into your dream-filled one.

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