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Are you ready to invest in yourself? Join our on-line group coaching program "Find your Life Purpose and manifest it in the world"

Reality is that since we are born we are embarked in the turmoil of life. Our parents, with their best intentions, guide us towards what they believe life is. Our teachers teach us what they believe we should know. Our managers assign us work which is important to the company. Our relationships embark us on emotionnal roller coaster.

One day we stop, we look up and we realize deep inside that the life we are living is actually not the life of our choice, of our dream. We realize that there is much more to life, and we are right ! Listen to this voice, it is your soul whispering you YOUR truth !


The on-line group coaching program we are offering you is THE opportunity to connect with your true inner being and to realize that all you need is already in your, all your answers, all your talents, and all your resources. All you need is to wash away your learned habits, limiting beliefs and fears to uncover your true potential and bloom into the world. 

Enjoying fulfilling relationships, pursuing a purposeful career, following your dream, living your life fully in a balanced and healthy body and mind, all of this should be your reality, nothing less.

My offering

On-line group coaching

Find your Life Purpose and mandifest it to the World

Join other passionate Life Purpose seekers on this 10 weeks on-line coaching program!

Evelyne and I will guide you with care and confidence through this life-changing journey:

Week 1 - Engaging on my journey towards me
Week 2 - Exploring the deep values that drive me
Week 3 - Enhancing the qualities that color and enchant my life
Week 4- Daring to glorify the talents that dwell within me
Week 5 - Uncovering the real missions and goals vibrating in me
Week 6 - Valuing my new treasures on the way to my Grail
Week 7 - Realizing the wealth of resources at my disposal
Week 8 - Reaping the abundance of the fruits of my life
Week 9 - Writing my Life Purpose, a love letter to myself
Week 10 - Spreading my life purpose to the world

Each session lasts 2 hours in the evening. We include in the program 2 individual coaching sessions of 30 minutes which you can take at any point through the program.

The indicative price for this program EUR 500.- but we don't want to exclude anyone from our program and therefore are open to fix a price consciously based on your personal situation. 

Next session starting Jan 12th, 2020 in french. For English please send me a mail.

On-line group coaching

Be the parent you always wished to have

More details on the program under the "Parental coaching" section.

Come experience my unique on-line coaching program mixing the science of Yoga and Ayurveda, the intelligence of the Positive Discipline by Jane Nelsen, and my own parental experience following 5 weeks program:

Week 1 - Write my purpose as a parent
Week 2 - My body, his body, our treasure
Week 3 - My mind, his mind, our ally
Week 4 - My heart, his heart, our Graal
Week 5 - My reality, his reality, our solution

Each session lasts 2 hours in the evening.

You can benefit from 2 individual sessions during the length of the program at a special prize of EUR 90.- instead of EUR 140.- in case of need.

The indicative price for this program is EUR 300.- but I don't want to exclude anyone from my programs and therefore am open to fix a price consciously based on your personal situation. 

The next session starting the end of January 2020, dates to be set. For English please send me a mail.

Find your life purpose and manifest it in the world

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