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Are you ready to invest in your health, in yourself? Are you looking for gentle support to accompany you towards this dreamed state of perfect body, mind, spirit balance?

Our lifestyles are accelerating year by year, expectations placed on us keep on expanding, pollution is increasing, unhealthy food is surrounding us and, whether we are already conscious or not of our health, there are so many external factors playing against our physical and mental health that we sometimes feel overwhelmed in making the right lifestyle choices.

While we can’t control everything going on around us, we are owners of our experiences; including our choices about food, our personal relationships, our sensory experiences, our sleep and our daily routine

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Whether you wish to increase your sleep quality, or reduce your stress level, or feel disconnected with your true inner being, your life purpose, or simply wish to treat yourself in a caring and loving manner, here is how I can support you.

The rich sciences of yoga and Ayurveda, which both base themselves on a deep and ancient understanding of the humankind, provide all the teachings & intelligence we need in our modern realities to achieve health, fulfillment and peace in our bodies and in our lifes!

My workshops and personal coaching are a sweet mix of theory, personnel reflexion, and well-being practice which will undoubtably allow you to take back charge of your well-being and journey towards a state of perfect health.

My offering

Zen for Monday is 30 minutes of teaching and sharing of the beautiful sciences of yoga & Ayurveda, 60 minutes of gentle yogic practice including breath work and deep relaxation, for 90 minutes of pure bliss for your body, mind and spirit!

Every Sunday morning
In French at 9h30 and in English at 11h30
Prathiba, 12 rue de la Faucille, Geneva (parking Cornavin 2 min walk)
Enroll 24h in advance by whatsapp or mail: 079/202 10 53 /
Theme of the week published every Wednesday in the Facebook event
Cost CHF 30,- per person, CHF 50,- for 2 people, possibility to purchase a 10 entry card for CHF 250,-. Trial class is CHF 15,-.

Gentle traditional Hatha Yoga class of 75 minutes including breath work, postures and deep relaxation for relaxed and healthy body & mind.

Every Wednesday morning at 10 am
Class in French and English
Shanti Club, 28 rue des Grottes, Geneva (parking Cornavin 3min walk)
Enroll 24h in advance by whatsapp or mail: 079/202 10 53 /
Cost 25,- per person, or possibility of 10 entry card for CHF 200,- or special Shanti Club card for CHF 220,- allowing you to use for all *standard Shanti Classes.

*valid for all classes Monday through Friday excluding the kids and pregnancy offering

A program of daily wellness founded on a 5’000 year old healing system of medicine known as Ayurveda. Ayurveda states that health is not just the absence of disease; it is physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

The Perfect Health: Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program teaches students a powerful regimen of Ayurvedic practices and techniques designed to:

  • Balance mind-body
  • Enhance nutrition
  • Reduce emotional turbulence
  • Restore vitality
  • Re-awaken the senses

Learn about the Perfect Health: Ayurvedic Lifestyle Program developed by Deepak Chopra, M.D. and David Simon, M.D. with me as your Chopra Center Certified Instructor, Personal Development Coach, and Yoga Instructor.

To know when the next series of workshop is happening, reach out by mail to

A personalized program at your home and at your own pace, to address your unique needs and desires.

This support can be as straight forward as a private yoga class or a holistic well-being program assessing your current health state, providing a tailor-made support program inspired by the beautiful sciences of yoga and Ayurveda.

At your home and at your convenience
CHF 150,- per session with possibility of purchasing packages: 3 sessions CHF 400,-, 5 sessions CHF 650,-, 8 sessions CHF 950,-.
Reach out at and get started!

See what my clients say...



"I felt the benefits of the session first inside me but than also in my everyday life. My body and my mind reconnected session after session. My internal fire has calmed down. Simone’s voice soothes you and accompanies you… way beyond the sessions."



"Yoga is nice but with Simone it is even better 🙂 Thank you for your kindness, your joy and your big heart."



"Simone’s introduction to yoga course was excellent and quickly became the highlight of my week. She beautifully combined demonstrating the postures with deeper explanations of the yogic philosophy and her personal journey as inspiration. Her passion for the yogic lifestyle was clearly evident as she integrated teachings about areas like nutrition, mindfulness and breathing.  Simone’s teaching style is compassionate and encouraging,  paying close attention to each student to adjust a posture or offer alternatives where needed. The course has given me the confidence to practice the postures on my own but has also inspired a broader view of wellness that I’m incorporating into my life now."




"Thankful for the luck I had to discover Yoga with Simone. From the first session, the benefits were there. Each session ensures maximum positive energy, a real pleasure. I recommend her without hesitation."



"Many thanks to #everybodyandco who, with her style, passion and know-how has introduced me to this new journey! It’s been inspiring and non-intimidating to a true beginner!"



"The Sunday sessions with Simone have been wonderful, a mix of yoga, life coaching and meditation to help soothe my frazzled mind. I'm looking forward to the healthy kick-off for the New Year and would highly recommend Simone's classes."



"Sunday yoga is such a wonderful idea and very helpful to have a relaxed Sunday before the week buzz. I love the mix of coaching (easy things to implement in my/your everyday life), yoga, meditation and relaxation ! Simone is very soothing and adapts to her attendees. I very highly recommend trying a session. It is going to be a long 3 weeks until the next session!"

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