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Do you know your life purpose? Can you hear a little voice telling you that there could be more to life ? Do you live the life of your dreams ?

Reality is that since we are born, we are embarked in the turmoil of life. Our parents, with their best intentions, guide us towards what they believe life is. Our teachers teach us what they believe we should know. Our managers assign us work which is important to the company. Our relationships embark us on emotionnal roller coaster.

Suddenly we stop, we look up and we realize deep inside that the life we are living is actually not the life of our choice, of our dream. We realize that there is much more to life, and we are right! Listen to this voice, it is your soul whispering you YOUR truth!

What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create

- Buddha


I have great news for you today !

Everything you need is already in you, all your answers, all your talents, and all your resources. All you need is to wash away your learned habits, limiting beliefs and fears to uncover your true potential and bloom it to the world.

Enjoying fulfilling relationships, pursuing a purposeful career, following your dream, living your life fully in a balanced and healthy body and mind, all of this should be your life, nothing less.

I have found my life purpose, and life has unfolded so naturally, so beautifully for me, that I couldn’t do less than sharing this beauty with you !

Don’t allow another average day in your life, find your life Purpose now!

I came across the right people, the right experiences, the right intelligences, in the form of coaching, yoga and Ayurveda, and have developed a methodology which allows you to find your life purpose and manifest it in your life, in the world !

I use a thought-provoking and creative coaching process which will empower you to access and maximise your unique talents, desires, potential and, turn it into your reality.

Our coaching sessions and my tailor-made home-based exercises are designed around discovering and moving you forward towards your true inner being. You will gain awareness of your unique talents and values through gently uncovering the layers of old, learned habits and transform your reality from the most insignificant actions to your biggest life projects. 


You do have the magic wand in your hands; bring your personal life objective and your motivation along, and together we will give it it’s power to reveal your life purpose.

Are you ready ?

My Offerings

Personalized in person or online coaching

"Find your life purpose and manifest it in the world"

We start with a free initial conversation to confirm our mutual trust in being the right partners to move you towards the revelation of your life purpose.

Here is the outline of the beautiful journey you will be engaging on in 10 personalized coaching sessions:

- Engaging on my journey towards me
- Exploring the deep values that drive me
- Enhancing the qualities that color and enchant my life
- Daring to glorify the talents that dwell within me
- Uncovering the real missions and goals vibrating in me
- Valuing my new treasures on the way to my Grail
- Realizing the wealth of resources at my disposal
- Reaping the abundance of the fruits of my life
- Writing my Life Purpose, a love letter to myself
- Spreading my life purpose to the world 

It is important to me not to exclude anyone from my programs, we will therefore fix a price consciously based on your personal situation. 

Ready to engage on the journey towards your true self ? Contact me for details by mail.

The coaching is available to you in either french or english. 

Personalized in person or on-line coaching

"A la carte coaching towards your personal objective"

We start with a free initial conversation to lay down your personal objective. This discussion will also allow us to confirm our mutual trust in being the right partners for your life objective.

I will then propose you a coaching program according to your personal objective, whether professional, personal or health-related.

Following are the details of what you can expect:

  • a minimum of 3 sessions are necessary for any objective
  • typically a coaching cycle is between 5 and 8 sessions
  • you will make progress during the sessions as well as in between sessions thanks to my proposed tailor-made tools and exercises

It is important to me not to exclude anyone from my programs, we will therefore fix a price consciously based on your personal situation. 

Don't allow another average day and start the journey towards your dreams now !

Contact me via mail to schedule your first free coaching session! I workd in french and in english.

I work with Zoom but if you happen to be in the Geneva area, Switzerland, area l am happy to meet and work with you face to face.

See what my clients say...



"Simone is a wonderful coach. Her generosity is remarkable. She is naturally perceptive. She listens without judgment and offers guidance without being prescriptive. She has a natural sense of empathy and genuine passion for helping others. Working with Simone has changed my life for the better."



"Above all Simone is a very gentle person, with a genuine desire to support others. Her human qualities, beyond her qualifications, make her a very good coach with whom you feel in full trust, understood and at ease to exchange freely.In a relaxed atmosphere, our personal objective is addressed through different angles throughout the sessions. All along, Simone guides us and shares tools to help us define concrete actions to put in place to move forward towards our objective. Thanks to her great ability to holistically understand the person in front of her, Simone adapts her coaching and provides targeted support. These sessions have allowed me to identify my stressors allowing me to better manage them to overcome anxiety-provoking situations but also to better embrace future ones to come. I therefore come out of the coaching with learnings which will serve me all my life. Thank you!"



"Simone helped me work through a number of disparate thoughts I had about my career growth. This helped me devise a plan to progress my career at a pace and direction I was in control of. During the process. I also discovered some ‘blind spots’. Identifying these helped me be more efficient with my time. Ultimately this made me more productive and content with myself and the role I needed to play as a leader within my team."



"Simone helped me in a very important moment of my life, when I had to take important decisions about my future. It was a very tough period an having Simone always close to me, available to talk and specifically to listen to me was incredibly useful. A real GIFT. I love her style, very approachable, discrete, never expressing her point of view, but helping to find the answer to your 'questions' inside of you. Always positive! I can not thank her enough for everything she has done for me, thanks to her help I was able to understand what was really good for me. I have never regretted my decision! THANK YOU SIMONE!"



"Simone has helped me to dig deeper into myself and be honest about what I really wanted for my career and life. She’s very easy to chat with and was able to make me feel that the answers I needed were always in me. At that time, I was going through a rough time in my job trying to fit in, but after my sessions with her, my next steps became clear. I’ve since been actively pursuing the areas that I felt is more in line with what I wanted, all thanks to Simone’s guidance in helping me see things clearer."



"I got the great opportunity to be coached by Simone on a life topic which has enabled me to take the right decisions and actions. Her coaching has been a key factor to assume my choices that are in line with what is important to me. Simone has a holistic passion for people and their well-being. I do thank her for the time she has dedicated to me."

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