Personally, I learned very late how to properly understand my body and its magic! Walking, eating, thinking, working, having a child – you know, the everyday aspects of life, I discovered almost all on my own, just like most of you. And so have to do our children, but how do we guide them properly into understanding their true self? This article is intended for parents who would like to help discover something essential in their children – their inner world!

It may seem superfluous to some and otherwise to others, but yet understanding that we are more than bundles of bone and flesh crowned with a brain is one of the greatest gifts you can give your children. The acknowledgment of what our inner being is, is not learned anywhere, neither in the rhymes we read to our children during bedtime, nor out on the school benches. Besides, most of us have no control over the subject either.

Our children are growing up without getting to know what an ‘inner world’ is, and yet they are well aware that they have emotions, positive and negative, dreams, and a small inner voice that speaks to them. However, it is not customary to talk about it at home, school or in the playground and so they say to themselves that it is not part of life. They must even say to themselves that they are the only ones to feel these things since nobody else talks about them.

And yet, our children are naturally much more in connection with their inner being than us, the adults, are. A child dreams, imagines, marvels, lives in the moment, a child is connected to his/her self. And then, little by little, it proceeds to later on mold into society and its norms, and pert its connection, this magical part which animates it in the first years, to later on become a perfect small adult. In turn, it must then be ready to feed something to this society which is essentially based on the exterior, the visible, the concrete, the “real”.

Whether you are comfortable with your inner being or you are looking to find it yourself, it is important to give your child permission to experience its inner world. And also do all that so it can continue to evolve towards itself and to grow up in serenity in the real world out there through building a beautiful relationship to its inner one.

“But how do I do that?” you may ask. Very simply put: by talking openly with your child about what you feel, your inner voice, your emotions, your fears, your doubts, your dreams, simply saying the truth. You will then give it permission to express its inner world so that it becomes real and does not remain an imaginary one.

And if you are still very far from mastering this world yourself, then go ahead, discover it, do yoga, meditation, go for a walk in nature or anything that seems good to you. Going to one’s inner self is the goal of life, because it is the only thing that is real in this materialistic world – only happiness, bliss and love await you there!

It’s my job to accompany children, as well as adults, to their inner nature, vital energy, to their true self, so I’m equipped with a lot of reading material, games and exercises to help all of you. The most beautiful discovery I have made to date is a book called My Magic Moments Juliet Siozac, a real gem. This is a book for children, but can also be a good read for parents, and offers a great set of exercises, meditations and relaxations that will allow you and your children to dig inside of themselves and discover what lays hidden.

Today, I would like to share with you a meditation that is dear to my heart – such that pleases children, and above all opens another world to them – one of chakras and the energy centers that keep us alive! Here it is:

★ FYI: A chakra is a point located along your spine, which is used to circulate the energy in your body. We cannot see it through our naked eyes.
★ Sitting cross-legged, with straightened up spines, imagine an invisible thread on the top of your skull that is pulling your head and shoulders up. The facial muscles should stay relaxed.
★ Close your eyes.
★ The 1st chakra, at the very bottom of the spine, is red. Imagine a ball of energy in all red that is spinning there. Its mission is to anchor you to the present, as well as give you strength and courage. Remain still a few moments and visualize this red ball, feel its vibrations.
★ The 2nd chakra, below the navel, is orange. It accompanies you in your self-discovery so that you can dare and surpass yourself. It gives you joy and enthusiasm. Remain still a few moments to visualize this orange ball and feel its vibrations.
★ The 3rd chakra, above the navel, is yellow. It helps you trust yourself. Do the same – remain still and visualize it.
★ The 4th chakra, at the heart level, is green. It shows you the virtues of giving and sharing with others. It represents love and affection. Remain still a few moments to visualize this green ball and to feel its vibrations.
★ The 5th chakra, at the level of your throat, is light blue. It makes you able to express yourself and not keep difficult things within you. Again, remain still for a few moments to visualize it and feel it.
★ The 6th chakra, the 3rd eye, that is between the eyebrows, is dark blue. It allows you to perceive things in another way and invites you to listen to your inner being. Be still and visualize it, feel it.
★ The 7th chakra on the top of your skull is purple. It helps you realize your dreams and find harmony within yourself. Remain still for a few moments and visualize this purple ball, feel its aura.
★ Keep this warm energy inside you safe. Thank your chakras for giving you enough to do what you love and also strength for the most difficult of times. You now know where they are and what they can do for you, so you can come back to them as soon as you feel the need to.

I wish you good luck on your way to yourselves and your children, as you search for greater happiness. You know that I’m here for you, whether it’s for you through my Zen for Monday wellness workshop, or an individual coaching session, or for your kids with the help of my Wednesday afternoon Yoga & Fun workshop. Do not hesitate to contact me!

With love.

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