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Do you wish to give the best to your kids but often feel overwhlemed and stressed  in your role as parent ?

I am a mom myself, and I know what concerns a parent may have these days. Let's face it, our children will have to face a special kind of a world; competition, acceleration, social media, video games, ecological crisis and so on.


It has never been more important to grow up with confidence and self-love as to apprehend the world with serenity, confidence and strengths.

Recognizing and transmitting the beauty and the richness of our Being, realizing our uniqueness and the innate talents of our children, harmonizing our family relationships, is what I offer you today, for yourself and your child. 

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I have trained myself in the field of Yoga and Meditation in Education with the RYE and the Positive Discipline by Jane Nelsen and have created a complete and action-oriented program enabling you as a parent to be the parent you would have wished for when you were a kid.

To start with, recognizing the core values which animate us and which we wish to transmit as the foundation for the lives of our children seems essential to me. Defining your purpose as a parent will allow you to harmonize your family life around these values as to propose a coherent education. 

The second foundation of my approach is based upon the belief that we can only transmit that in which we believe. Our own relationship with our body, our mind, and our spirit is fundamental in the transmission of self-love and self-esteem values as well as self-confidence and confidence in life.

Below you will find the coaching programs I propose as well as family and kids yoga classes which all are based upon this philosophy. 

My offerings

On-line group coaching

"Be the parent you always wished to have"

Ready to engage with other dedicated parents on your personal path of becoming the best version of yourself for your kids ?

Come experience my unique on-line coaching program mixing the science of Yoga and Ayurveda, the intelligence of the Positive Discipline by Jane Nelsen, and my own parental experience following 5 weeks program:

Week 1 - Write my purpose as a parent
Week 2 - My body, his body, our treasure
Week 3 - My mind, his mind, our ally
Week 4 - My heart, his heart, our Graal
Week 5 - My reality, his reality, our solution

Each session lasts 2 hours in the evening. You can benefit from 2 individual sessions during the length of the program for a prefered price.

The indicative price for the program is EUR 300.- but I don't want to exclude anybody from my programs and therefore am open to fix a price consciously based on your personal situation. 

The next session end of January 2021 in french, dates to be set. For English please send me a mail.

Family Yoga classes

"Discover Yoga as a family"

Join one of my Family yoga offerings in the Geneva area or book me to come to your house for a dedicated Family Yoga session!

Each session is designed around a theme:

  • for small children between 5 and 9ish, the sessions revolve around a fairy tale
  • for older children between 8 and 12ish, the sessions revolve around life teachings such as self-love, emotions, or concentration
  • for teens as of 12ish, the sessions are helping to apprehend the changes in the body and the mind

For a private session, I offer an initial discussion to understand your needs/expectations as to design tailor made sessions. To get an offer please contact me by mail.

My group family classes can be found in my calendar section.

On-line or face to face personal coaching

"Be the parent you always whished to have "

You may have a preference for a private and personalized parental coaching support. A harmonized family life rent sarts with you!

You come with your own objective and we work together on your specific need to become the parent you always would have wished to have yourself as a kid.

Contact me for a free initial discussion to lay down what your objective is and I will propose you a tailor-made program to walk you with confidence towards resolution of your challenges.

  • Typically a minimum of 3 sessions are recommended
  • You will benefit from personalized coaching
  • You will have access to my happy family toolbox 

It is important to me not to exclude anyone from my programs, we will therefore fix a price consciously baed on your personal situation.

Coaching available in french and english from anywhere in the world via ZOOM or face to face in the Geneva area.

Kids Yoga Classes

"Yoga and fun"

Yoga is the best activity for children to apprehend their body, their mind but also to live a life filled with love and confidence!

I offer 2 regular kids and fun classes weekly for children between 6 and 12 yo:

  • Wednesday afternoon at 2 pm at the Shanti Club in quartier les Grottes
  • Friday afternoon at 5 pm at the Sivananda Yoga Center in quartier Plainpalais

Each session is designed with a theme allowing them to develop:

  • self-love
  • self-confidence
  • concentration
  • respect

Contact me via mail for more information or for enrollment.

You do have the magic wand in your hands; bring your personal life objective and your motivation along, and together we will give it it’s power to reveal your life purpose.

Are you ready?

Write a message to Simone

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