I would like to share my journey with Ayurveda today and how this ancient science allowed me to evolve towards better health, both physical and mental, as days passed by.

My intimate relationship with Ayurveda was born the day after my yoga teacher certification. I attend a conference on Ayurveda and knew immediately that it will be the continuation of my studies in well-being because I recognized it as a great addition to the philosophy of yoga. Bdw, Ayurveda is the medical branch of yoga that too has its roots in ancient India.

Ayurveda is derived from the Sanskrit words “ayus” which means “life” and “veda” which means “wisdom” or “science”, so it translates to the wisdom or science of life. Ayurveda offers guidance to a life filled with vitality, love, health and meaning, in accordance to the laws of nature.

From the point of view of Ayurvedic medicine, human beings are not considered as mere physical thinking machines. Unlike the teachings of modern medicine, we are comprehended to have understanding of the dynamic energy exchange of the environment. According to this science, being healthy is a state of dynamic equilibrium in which all layers of life are integrated.

I therefore embarked on a great adventure to become an instructor in “Perfect Health: An Ayurvedic Lifestyle” at the Chopra Center for Well-Being in California, founded by the famous Dr. Deepak Chopra. It was not until then that the discovery of a world unimaginable but so rich in teachings began. And I want to share the wisdom of it with as many people as possible.

Over time and after the theoretical modules, a whole new dimension of life, health and well-being opened up to me. I was breathing, eating, drinking, moving, living Ayurveda, and as the latter is simply inspired by nature and these laws, I got closer to mother earth and sometimes even found myself feeling that I am one with her.

I became humble, I realized that we are very little, and that we are everything. We are a part of nature. As we often describe in the philosophies of yoga, we are like a wave and the ocean is the universe. The wave can take shapes in the ocean but it never separates, it is born from the ocean and it always returns to the ocean.

In Ayurveda everything consists of 5 elements – space, air, fire, water and earth. All living beings, as well as humans, are made of different proportions of these five elements. Every human being has a unique alignment of those that, when in balance, allows us to enjoy perfect health.

However, when an imbalance settles, our whole being, be it physical, mental or spiritual, will be affected. At first, we will experience it through fatigue or small pains here and there such as insignificant diseases. If our system is not rebalanced back to its original state, these discomforts will develop into chronic inflammations and heavy diseases over time.

And how is Ayurveda going to rebalance our bodies, you may ask? The first step towards balance and return to perfect health is to take responsibility for it. It is about recognizing that our lifestyle is responsible for our current state and that it is necessary to change our way of life in order to return to a perfect balance with our unique alignments.

Because of our lifestyle, we consider everything that affects us in our immediate environment and everything we do an everyday task, absolutely everything we touch, and even things we don’t, will have a positive or negative influence on our physiology and our psychic state.

It is the food and drink we consume, the work and physical activity we do, the social relationships we have, our sleep, the rhythm of life we ​​have, the music we listen to, the movies we watch, our hobbies, our arguments, our joys, etc …

As I hope you understand, the first step towards perfect health belongs to us 100%. Ayurveda gives us the keys to get there but not only that – it shares with us all the secrets of nature and offers us treatments that are all natural. Spices, plants, oils, massages, everything is inspired by nature because we are an integral part of it.

Of course, once the disease hits, the Ayurvedic doctor, who is also most of the time trained in allopathy, will guide you to the best possible treatment by also involving modern medicine and its ways.
You can surely imagine that studying such a subject was first and foremost a personal and family transformation, but also one that brought us all to grasp better knowledge of ourselves, our bodies and our minds. It is an exciting adventure that never ceases to reveal its secrets, as we move towards our authenticity, our deep nature.

And I am so lucky to now be certified in this beautiful science and will, from January on, start offering you a wonderful wellness program allowing you to embark on this beautiful journey to your perfect health as well. Keep following me on Facebook, so that you do not miss this unique opportunity in Geneva!

With love.

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