Are you one of the many employees who are not satisfied with their job? Whether it’s because of the lack of progression, inability to connect with your company on a more personal level, a bad working atmosphere or simply put, without knowing why, you lack enthusiasm for going to work every day. Do you need help? Keep reading, as this article might bring you a solution!

Ever since my friend quit her job, she is so full of life. She has so much vitality and joy, and I have been loving the moments I get to spend with her. Don’t get me wrong, I liked her before too, as she was always a very pleasant person to meet, really funny, affectionate and dynamic. But when she was working in this big corporation, she was spending a lot of time complaining about her daily tasks. Also, she was sick every other month – a cold here, bronchitis, sinusitis there and so on.

When I was still working in Human Resources in the same corporation, I appealed to a lot of people and many of them confided in me, told me about their careers, difficulties, joys, hopes and frustrations. Some were very satisfied and others were much less confident.

Somewhere along the road I realized that during the 16 years I spent there dealing with the human capital of this company, I actually met only one type of people because we all are, after all, very similar to each other. Human beings have qualities and faults that are special, but needs, desires, frustrations and fears of each and every one are, in their essences, the same.

What are these needs, desires, hopes, expectations that we all share? The recognition of our qualities, our talents, the appreciation of who we are as an individuals but also as professionals, our financial security for now and for when we retire, and our families, the possibility to contribute to society in terms of technological development, product quality, increased turnover and business prosperity, the ability to aid and help develop not only for ourseleves but for our neighbours, all In our own way, we want to help make this world a better place.

As long as our needs are met, or better said – the majority of our needs are met, nothing is too bad for us. We manage to find balance between our personal and professional life and move in a more or less linear way.

The situation becomes worse when the balance is gone, and it is so fragile because our lives are constantly changing, our expectations, our needs and our desires are always fluctuating. One day we do not find ourselves in there anymore.

I too experienced this imbalance, I slowly went from “I am very happy with my job”, to slight dissatisfaction, which over the years became a chronic one. So, I left, just as my friend did.

Why then did I, within this company, meet so many people who were in the state of chronic dissatisfaction but continued to remain in situations that were harmful for them, for the people around them and for their employers.

Well it’s fear, the fear of losing their financial security, as they are afraid to do the leap of faith, afraid to leave their comfort zone, afraid of the unknown. So they stay, they are frustrated, they are unhappy and do not even realize that they are going against life, their lives.

Fear is an emotion we all feel and it normally gets triggered so it can protect us from danger. But what is really the danger in the situation described here? Is it to no longer earn money and end up under the bridges? I really doubt that in the society in which we live in right now, there is any risk of us being intelligent and educated, and also end up under there.

The real danger, in my opinion, is not to be able to live the life which we dream of, listen to ourselves and go against our true nature, to lead a frustrated journey governed by fear. If we remain in this fear and block our momentum of life, the real danger will become our lack of fulfilment, which sooner or later will affect our physical and mental health.

The good news is that it is possible to face our fears. It is but a question of going back to look at them, understand them and learn how to manage them, reduce them and finally overcome them. It’s about listening to each other, trusting each other and trusting the momentum of life that drives us to build the day-to-day life we ​​dream of, the life we ​​deserve.

I was fortunate to find yoga and meditation and through that was able to bring myself closer to me, to give a voice to my soul that asked me to guide my being to a life that is right for me and in which I can flourish. Through that I had the chance to discover coaching and have a professional guide who could help me listen, understand and eliminate my fears, someone who accompanied me safely towards my new life.

And this new life is meant to accompany, in turn, the people who, just like my friend, just like you, are ready to listen, those who know that life can and must be beautiful, and are ready to go out of their comfort zone and into areas that are unknown and yet so exciting.

If you are part of this group of people who are dissatisfied and frustrated, do not wait until tomorrow, start the walk towards your own path of life-fulfilment today.

Whether it’s with my Zen for Monday workshop that will allow you to reconnect with yourself and your soul, or if it’s individual coaching you need, I’m here for you, if you would like me to be. You just need to contact me!

With love.

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