The 10 essential benefits that yoga has on our being and health

Why does yoga provoke such a worldwide craze? Thousands of people have turned to it and here’s why:

The practice of yoga postures, the traditional Hatha Yoga, allows us not only to strengthen our body and calm our minds but also nurture our shells. Here are the top 10 benefits of yoga that are scientifically proven:

1. The flexibility

A flexible body allows us to gain a fit physical shape, that is to say that we help our bodies keep their agility and that in turn allow us to fully enjoy our lives.

2. Revitalization of the body

The posture aspect of yoga is actually a subtle stimulation of our internal organs that allows them to function better. The whole body is revitalized by the better circulating energy from head to toe.

3. Harmonization of our musculature

Yoga allows for all muscles to be worked-out and toned, even the internal ones that are supporting the fonctionning our internal organs. They get more and more developed with daily practice and their stimulation does not exist in any other path than yoga.

4. Relaxation of the spine

The spine is the pillar of our body. Yoga provides strength and flexibility to this integral part of our shell through its various postures.

5. Strengthening our immune system

The blood and energy circulation of our body are bettered through the practice of yoga. Our vital glands, including the thyroid and parathyroid glands are strengthened through it.

6. Improving the quality of our breathing

Through the Pranayama breathing exercises which are an integral part of the practice of yoga, our ribcage becomes more developed, as toxins and bacteria are eliminated and our blood circulation is improved.

7. Improving our digestive functions

Through practicing yoga our internal organs are stimulated, and blood circulation, as well as vital energy, are boosted. This helps improve our digestive functions and it also eliminates waste and toxins from our bodies.

8. Improving our ability to handle stress

The practice of postures, breathing and relaxation exercises all have a beneficial effect on our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system, allowing us to manage the hazards of life with more serenity and strength. Consequently our sleep is also improved.

9. Developing our concentration

The improvement of our blood and energy circulation strengthens our intellectual centre and gives us mental clarity while allowing for better concentration.

10. Helping to open the heart

The mental calm that is established with regular yoga practice allows the elimination of parasitic thoughts. It increases our joy of life and leads us gently towards greater openness to others.

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