This drawing I did in March 2017 during my coaching training. Today, just two years later, I’m on the other side of the mountains, in this pretty meadow where I plant beautiful flowers and shrubs that I love. I water, pamper and watch them grow, as they make my life to be what I had dreamed of it becoming. It all starts with intuition!

I remember the day I made this drawing very well. My coach was Ermanno, since we became great friends and coaching partners for a beautiful start-up that had for a mission to work for and safeguard our beautiful planet.

The coaching session that day was about exploring the power of metaphors through illustration. This technique allows the coachee to get out of his/her rational brain and connect to his/her intuition through a drawing. Then they take a step back, as to understand and analyze the messages hidden within the drawing.

Back in that day I wanted to explore my professional life. At the time I was responsible for Human Resources in a big corporation and I was moderately satisfied with my daily life. He asked me to illustrate my professional situation as I felt it. We started with a little relaxing session that allowed me to get out of my head and connect with my inner being.

When I opened my eyes, I began to draw. First was the building where I worked, or rather what looked as close to it as possible. Then I drew the two mountains and a beautiful green meadow illuminated by the beautiful sun.

A great emotion started hovering over me, such of freedom, greatness, freshness, inner peace. I loved this meadow and I felt good in it.

Then I turned around to face Ermanno and he asked me “What do you see?” I noticed first that I was outside of the building and not inside, and that I was looking towards the meadow. I also saw that because of the two big mountains, the atmosphere was grayer on the side where I drew the building. But I realized that that was not it – I had a desire to run over to the green side and lie down under this beautiful sun.

That day I realized that my heart was no longer in my old job, but most of all I saw that another reality was possible. That day I gave birth to my dream. All I had to do is continue imagining it, I had to start specifying it little by little, drawing it step by step, as to make it into a reality.

First, I had to imagine the path I was going to take to get between the two mountains, then I was going to get over to the other side and engage with this beautiful large meadow. Everything was possible. The meadow looked so pure, so full of potential and only waiting to bloom beautifully with the help of the energy of the sun.

I built a nice peaceful haven on this meadow. I started growing there, both as a person and as a professional. Nature gave me everything I needed – the inspiration, energy, strength and courage to create my life in harmony with the universe that governs us.

Today I’m lying in this beautiful meadow and I’m truly feeling good.

With love.

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