Watch your daily routine, fall is around the corner!

If you don’t want your energy to flow off you in every possible direction like the beautiful colored leaves fall off the tree, than take a few minutes to go through this article!

Remember my previous article on the spring energies, in which I explained our direct connection to mother Earth with the saying “like is the macrocosm, so is the microcosm”. We are a piece of nature and are therefore run by the exact same laws.

We are currently transitioning from the Pitta season, fire, which is all about intensity, heat and shaprness towards the Vata season, air. The natural Vata qualities, non surprinsingly if you look outside the window and observe how nature is evolving, are cold, light, dry, irregular, rough and quick. So likewise the weather and surrounding energies, both our bodies and mind, are moving towards these new energies.

Have you noticed lately that your mind is more agitated than usual, that you have ever changing thoughts and ideas? Do you feel restless and see yourself engaging in many projects and activities? If yes, this is very natural as the air and space elements in your physical and mental bodies are increasing and are leading you towards more activity but also towards irregular thoughts and moods.

It however feels pretty good, no? I have all this energy and feel I am very active and creative. Engaging more socially and professionally are all positive factors for your life, but the one watch-out is the risk of imbalance you are creating in your organism if not taken care of.

The physical imbalances you may face in a couple of weeks are joint issues, delicate digestion and constipation, to name the more common and less severe ones. On an emotional level, if all of these changeable and irregular energies are not channelled, you may experience anxiety, mental agitation and worry over time.

But because you know me and know that I am here to support and not scare you off, here are a few simple yet extremely efficient reflexes to include into your daily routine which will ground your mind and keep your body warm:

  • Stay warm is the most obvious advise I can give. If it is getting chilly and windy outside, cover yourself with a nice scarf. I feel like your mum now 😉
  • Eat warm food, drink warm beverages and sit down while eating is another essential reflexe to adopt in automn. Eating warm and oily food will prevent your organism from drying out. Even for breakfast, you can find some warm tasty recipes on line.
  • Perform grounding exercises throughout the day. If you are not a meditator yet, it is the right time to include a 10 minutes meditation in the morning, this will allow you to keep your throughts clear and contained throughout the day. During the day, especially after lunch before entering into the Vata cycle of the day, which is between 2 and 6 pm, take small grounding breaks to perform some breathing exercices. Practicing Tadasana, the mountain pose, while breathing in and out deeply with your abdomen, will be an amazing grounding and calming exercise.
  • Gift yourself with a nice relaxation at the end of your working day to calm down both your physical and mental systems, with an additional benefit of allowing you to enjoy a peaceful evening with your loved ones. You can find many nice relaxations on you tube or on your meditation app.
  • Avoid stimulants like alcool, nicotine and coffee, this recommendation is actually valid throughout the entire year, but in fall/early winter even more. Other less obvious stimulants to avoid are big crowds, loud music and too much social media.

Ah and I nearly forgot to add, practice yoga without moderation, but coming from me that was an obvious one …

With all these little advises, I wish you a fantastic, colorful and creative autumn!

With love,


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