What is your “why”? : The inner light that awaits you

Do you know about the concepts introduced by Simon Sinek? If not, then let me refresh you knowledge – he gave on overview of the common denominator of all successful people and businesses. Whether one is a company or an individual, it would be a question of always starting out  with asking “why”. Do you know your why?

I will begin with a brief reminder of this concept. He says that all companies can explain what they do, so elaborate on their “what”. Some are able to explain how they are different, so speak about their “how”. But those who manage to formulate their “why”, which is nothing but the reason for their inspiration, are quite rare. And what about us, the private people, can we explain our “why”?

If I look at my life from birth to today, I tell myself that the very state of being inspired makes me move forward. The question for me, however, is rather about the depth of it. Let me explain.

When I was little, my inspiration was to grow up so that, at first, I could look like my mother and then also be able to distinguish myself from her. At school, my inspiration was to have good grades and eventually get a good job. However, somewhere along the way all this took a 180 degree turn and landed on another aspect of life -boys. Ah, these hormones!

And so, my inspiration was similar to that of many people. Having a good career for securing my financial stability for the sake of advancement and recognition, then securing love so I could feel appreciated and build a life for two or more, considering getting children, as well as getting a house and… bunnies (it could be dogs for some, but that is what we stuck with). I assure you that amongst inspirations I had some crazy years where almost everything was allowed.

Life is almost like a long calm river. I was living from stage to stage according to the process I had imagined with a “why” that conformed very much to what society dictates a good life should be. But here comes the tie-breaker midlife—worthy reality – I had a good career, a husband, children, a house, but there was still a big void…

I could not imagine the next step. In addition and inevitably so, great existential questions arose. “Here I am in the middle of my lifespan, am I happy?” “Is that what I expected from life?” And here was the beginning of the end of an era, which depending on people, leads after a more or less  short period of time, towards the beginning of a new journey.

For my part, I concluded that my life was not very exciting, so I kick-started my midlife crisis quite successfully. No, I will not tell you what happened to me because it would take more than a little article to get through all that, but I can share with you is that afterwards I got divorced and established myself as an entrepreneur.

It was during this midlife crisis that Simon Sinek’s “why” became ubiquitous. As a little girl I had already wondered a bit as to why we are on this earth, asking myself: “Why am I Simone? Why must we die? Why do we have night and then day?”… But I do not remember having received satisfying answers at the time, so I moved onto asking myself something else.

The “why” of the mid-life first led me to re-explore the outside world, to want freedom, desire adventures, to want to laugh, to want to feel alive. And then the “why” subtly pushed me into exploring my inner world. And there it was, all the wealth, what a great world I found!

Looking inside means facing one’s dark sides, becoming aware of them, sorting them out, realizing where they come from and why they are there, and then letting them go away, not without difficulty, but with the will and confidence that one after the other they will leave and slowly reveal the light.

At first it is just a dim, shy light. With it came the desire to expand that became more and more intense because of its comforting, enveloping and reassuring warmth. I really wanted to do that as it seemed to have an infinite capacity in both its brightness and its heat.

But what is this light that is buried in the bottom of each one of us and only waiting for us to make the time and meet it? It is our true consciousness, our soul, life. It is joy, it is love, it is bliss, it is generosity, it is beauty, it is unity, it is a bearer of your “why”!

If you need a little help with the inner housework, I can accompany you on your way into yourself. Do not hesitate to come meet me and your light, as I know you will get along well 😉

With love.

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